Facts about Online Casino Betting that You Should Remember

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Have you heard something about playing casino games using any types of mobile gadgets? This type of gambling game is called online casino betting. Did you know that most of the gamblers in a real casino have already tried this game? In fact, most of those gamblers got addicted to mobile casino gambling as well. They preferred to play this game because it is more accessible and convenient than playing in a land-based casino. Besides these things, here are some other interesting Facts about Online Casino Betting that You Should Remember if you are one of the players of casino mobile gambling.

Facts about Online Casino Betting that You Should Remember


In 1994, Microgaming claimed to release the world’s very first fully functional gambling software. It was secured by an online security software company named CryptoLogic. And because of that, all online gambling transactions became safe and viable and it eventually led to the first online casino.

In the late 90’s, online casino betting gained its huge popularity. As a matter of fact, casino gambling sites had increased from 15 in 1996, to 200 casino online gambling websites in 1997.

Types of online casino websites

There are two types of online casino websites. It is divided based on their interface. Here are those two types:

•             Web-based online casinos – are casino sites that allows online players to play casino games even without downloading the software to their personal or local computers.

•             Download-based online casinos – are the counterpart of the web-based online casinos. In other words, the players are required to download the software client to their local computers in order to be able to play and wager on their chosen online casino games.

Types of online casino bonuses

All casino sites have their own promotional offers or bonuses to offer. And the most common online casino bonuses are:

•             Welcome bonus – is a given bonus on the first deposit ever made in the online casino.

•             Referral bonus – has two different types: the Referee and the Referrer. The referee will get a bonus after registering an account and mentions the referrer. While the referrer will get a bonus after the referee completes all requirements.

•             Cashback bonus – is offered as a percentage of all the losses in the previous gaming activity of a particular player.


These are the Facts about Online Casino Betting that You Should Remember. If you want to earn a lot of money while having fun at the same time, you better play this game now. Good luck!